December 2, 2015

December 12, 2013

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Good Morning, Baltimore

August 25, 2015

About five days ago I did something new for me. I moved across the country to good ol' Baltimore, Maryland to attend Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) to get my Master of Fine Art in Community Art. I just used the word art three times in one sentence. Oof. 

Thus far I have had only one major "what the heck am I doing here?!" moment, so I think that things are going pretty smoothly. I listened to a talk by Brene Brown on the way here where she said we need to "practice being uncomfortable" in order to be more vulnerable and lead a more fulfilled life . Everytime I feel socially awkward or artistically/intellectually inadequate I remind myself of that. Also I have been incorporating Amy Cuddy's thoughts on body language and doing lots of victory poses in my bedroom with the door shut. If you don't know what I am talking about, watch this. Can you tell I like ted talks? 

And then I saw this guy at the American Visionary Arts Museum. I snuck a picture and forgot to write down the artist, which makes me officially horrible, but I think he was telling me, "Welcome, friend. Everything is going to be fine. You belong here. You exist, now do the work you came here to do." Okay, this was actually said to me through a series of wonderful speakers during orientation, but from this point forward Mr. Telephone Wire guy represents the sentiment pretty well for me. It definitely applies to more than just me. Also, he just so happens to be doing a power pose himself. 





There is a lot of amazing stuff going on here in Baltimore and I have a lot to do to get up to speed on it all. I am young, privelaged, and easily intimidated. Most days that feels like a bad combination. However, it has gotten me this far, right? With open hands, I hope to constantly be mindful of embracing this new chapter with my whole-heart. I am extremely thankful for such an amazing opportunity to study, learn, and particpate in such a vibrant community. 


Now, I leave you with a picture I drew in response to my visit to the museum. It is drawn on a piece of cardboard with ink. 










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