p a y  m o r e  a t t e n t i o n . 

During my first substantial community work, I asked the question, "If you could tell yourself one thing eight months ago, what would it be?"


A woman came up and told me she would tell herself to pay more attention.


Eight months prior was the day before an EF-4 tornado destroyed my hometown of Washington, IL, including the house in which I grew up.


She quickly expanded on her answer that she wished she had paid more attention to the tornado sirens and warnings that went off on November 17th, 2013.

I have thought about those three words a lot--so much so that they have become a philosophy for me. I find myself chanting them in my head while I walk down the street or coming out of my mouth during conversation without even thinking about it.

Pay more attention, so simple and yet profound. 

Pay more attention to what is happening around me. Don't accept things for how they appear on the surface, dig deeper. Make the invisible visible. Slow down and live in the present.


This is what drives me to do what I do. I invite you to spend some time here and look around. I hope you find something that makes you want to take a closer look. 


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